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In the Event of a Claim

1) Ring the Insurance Broker “Alexander Miller” on: 020 8874 7744

2) You may need to authorise emergency repairs.  Please note that you do this at your own cost and risk, as these may or may not be recoverable.

3) Photographs of damaged areas should  be taken

4) A claim form may need to be completed

5) Estimates for repairs need to be obtained and submitted to the brokers for onward transmission to the Insurance Company.  All works must be agreed prior to commencement. Insurers may request TWO estimates

6) A Loss Adjuster may be appointed.  This is the insurers right and failure to allow them reasonable access will result in non-payment of any claim

7) Any agreed settlement will only be made on an invoiced bill received from bone fide Contractors.  If this could result in financial hardship, alternative arrangements may be possible such as an interim payment being made directly to the contractor

8) No contents cover is given whatsoever, including for carpets


i.)       Water damage - £500

ii.)      Fire, Lightning, Explosion or Aircraft damage – £250

iii)      All other insured losses - £250

            iv)      Subsidence - £1,000


Please note that claims need to be reported to the insurers within 30 days of the incident occurring