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Rubbish Collection

Please place your rubbish in the bin area in the basement.  DO NOT PUT OUT THE RUBBISH

YOURSELF, especially at weekends. This encourages passers by to add their rubbish to the rubbish

 left. Paul Carpenter, the Caretaker, brings up the rubbish and leaves it by the railings at each end

 of the driveway on Monday and Wednesday evenings for collection the following morning.


The Council collects recyclables on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please put your recyclable waste in the

 wheelie bin in the basement.  There is also a clothing recycling bin and an electrical recycling bin

 opposite Pizza Express.


No flat is completely soundproof. Please have consideration for your neighbours and keep noise to a

 minimum wherever possible and particularly after 10 pm. Walk softly in areas of your flat that are

 not thickly carpeted. If you are troubled by sound, please raise the matter politely with your

 neighbours. Most people will be unaware they are causing a problem and will be happy to help.

In Summer months please keep your light well windows closed after 10 pm.


This is one of the best features of Drive Mansions so please use it as often as you like. Children are

very welcome in the garden. Parents are encouraged to keep them on the lawns and out of the

flower beds.


Building work

Please let Paul know if you are having the builders in, even for minor re-decorations.

Please ensure that any tradesmen know that they are responsible for any damage caused to the

common parts. If you are planning any major works such as installing a kitchen or bathroom, you

 need to contact the managing agents well in advance to gain the necessary permissions.


The common parts are in need of further decoration.  We have had the handrails French Polished

and we need to do our best to keep these looking good so please be especially careful not to mark

the walls when transporting bulky items up the stairs.

The stairwells should be kept completely clear. Bikes, prams, boots etc are trip hazards and could

seriously impede people leaving the building in the event of an  emergency.


Attaching bicycles to the front railings is not permitted. Nor can bicycles be stored in the common

 parts due to our stringent fire regulations.  When taking bicycles upstairs, please be careful not to

 damage the front door and the paintwork in the stair wells.

Rubbish Garden