Drive Mansions

G a t e s  P r o j e c t - 2016

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Internal Dwarf Wall

The existing in the driveway dwarf wall will be retained but another dwarf wall to be built one brick thick alongside the existing wall. The dwarf wall will be capped

The dwarf wall will have surface mounted lights situated 3 meters apart.


There are 18 small pillars on the roadside of Drive Mansions. These have not been touched other than to be re-pointed and cleaned.

The two pillars which flank the middle entrance are rebuilt to a height of 1.8 meters to flank the new pedestrian gate.

Further tall pillars have been built at each wide entrance gate to flank the new vehicle gates (see plan )

The new tall pillars are of 2 brick thickness, commonly known as “18 inch piers”.

The two end gates are set back to the same plane as the dwarf wall. The 6 new tall pillars arecapped with a header stone in the style of those shown below: